The five steps of problem solving

One of most dreaded assignments students have in math is solving word problems. If ever a student leaves out a question on an exam, you can be sure it would be a word problem then you need a step by step math solver.  Part of the reason for this is the student often has difficulty in deciding what steps to take to analyze and understand what the problem is about.

No matter what level of math, I have found the following method to be very successful when solving word problems. I call it the Five Step Plan. As a teacher of high school math, I insisted my students use this Five Step Plan to solve word problems. When grading their homework or marking an exam paper, I would assign five marks for a word problem. If students just gave me the correct answer without following the Five Step Plan, they would only receive one point for their answer. Students who followed the Five Step Plan could get up to four points out of five, even if they got the wrong answer to the problem.

What is this plan for solving math word problems?

Here is a step by step math solver would put on the board when teaching this strategy to my students.

Five Step Plan

a)? b) X = c) Equation d) Find x. e) Answer part a).

Part a): The students have to write down what they are asking you to find in the word problem. Usually this could be found in the sentence containing the question mark. If the question was stated as a command, for example, ‘Find the number.’ That would become the question to be written in part a).

Part b):

In part b) the students had to list what information they were given and assign a variable to the items that were unknown. Included in this section would be a list of items and one of them would be equal to x.

Part c): is the algebraic equation that is needed to solve for x.

Writing the correct equation was often the hardest part of this exercise, but with practice, students became better at identifying the equation to be used. Often it only required the student to translate an English sentence into a math sentence-math solver. The verb in an English sentence is equivalent to the equal sign in an equation. The left hand side of the equation comes from all the words in the sentence that appear before the verb. I would instruct the students to write that information down first and then put the equal sign. All the words in the sentence after the verb were transcribed into an algebraic expression and placed on the right hand side of the equation.

Part d):

Students would then use the equation that they constructed in part c) and solve the equation for x. This part of the plan requires students to know how to solve various types of equations.

Part e):

Using the value for x that they found in part d), students then used that information to answer the question asked in part a). Often finding the value of x is not the answer to the word problem. Students need to check with part b) to see what the x stood for and then use it to answer the question. Students were required to write part e) in a full sentence. Check for examples step by step math solver.

No matter what level of math – pre- algebra, algebra I, algebra II, pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, or statistics, using the Five Step Plan helps students to discover exactly what information is given and what they need to find in order to answer a word problem. Often using a diagram can help to identify the variables needed in part b). Once part b) is down on paper, then writing the equation becomes much easier and students can use their equation solving skills to find the answer to the word problem. Enjoy the step by step math solver. More details in site:


Why Use An Algebra Solver?

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Not Everyone Learns Algebra in the Same Manner

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Finding a Good Math Problem Solver

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5 Ways to Teach and Learn Math Problems

Who hasn’t thought about using a fraction calculator?! Math problems are often a cause of tension amongst students and teachers alike, because while they aren’t too troublesome, they get people frustrated. What should be an easy math problem suddenly turns into a drawn-out nightmare! It’s not ideal and it’s not what you want, you want to avoid math problems becoming a nightmare for students and teachers alike. Here are five ways for you to teach and learn math problems for students of all ages.

Understand the Basics of Math

First and foremost, you must understand the basics surrounding math. Do you know the fundamental principles of math? If not, you need to know them before you start teaching others about math problems. It’s not as difficult to understand things once you have the basics under your belt, and it’s a smart place to start. You can use an algebra calculator when you’ve reached that level, but until you know the basics, start off at the bottom.

Practice Daily To Get It Stuck In Your Mind

Whether you want to use a fraction calculator or any other tool, you need to try and put in as much practice as possible with math. Why is that? It’s fresh, and it will remain with you even after you’ve finished your learning. Getting in as much practice as possible can be a smart idea and can certainly make it easier on any student. Teaching math problems works in the same manner; if you want people to overcome them they need sufficient practice in tackling them. Click here for more information about fraction calculator.

5 Ways to Teach and Learn Math Problems

Stick To One Learning or Teaching Method

When you are tackling math problems you have to try and stick with one learning or teaching method. Why does that matter? It’s confusing to start learning with one method, and then suddenly jump to another method. Most of the times, you’ll end up confused and will confuse others too. Instead, choose one learning method and use that throughout your studies. You can use an algebra calculator as well as problem solvers, but try to have the same method to learn so that things are easier to understand.

Use the Right Math Tools

Math tools and resources are a necessity when it comes to learning. You always need tools to help when dealing with math problems. You could use a fraction calculator or a math problem solver, and they can offer so much help. It’s really a good idea to use tools which will help you during your learning phase. Even if you’re teaching math problems, it’s still a great idea to have math tools at your side. Learn more about algebra solver.

Keep With It Even If You Run Into Trouble!

There are going to be times when you get fed up and want to give up. It’s understandable and happens every single day. The truth is that when you have days like that, you don’t give up. Yes, you may be fed up, but instead of throwing in the towel, have a break and come back to it later. You will feel much better for it, and will be able to learn more effectively too. If you don’t understand what the algebra calculator is telling you, take a short break and try again. Giving up is a waste of time; stick to it and you’ll get somewhere. Get more about math toolkit calculator use on

Overcome Math Problems with the Right Tools

Math is not an easy subject to teach or learn, and even when you have some skills, there are some areas which remain a mystery to some. Whether you want to teach others or are trying to learn about math problems, you have to have the right tools to help. The above are five ways to help you teach and learn math problems, and they might be useful to you in the long-term. You could use a problem solver, a fraction calculator and many other tools to help; why not use them?!

Learn Effectively

When you want to teach and learn math problems it always looks far more confusing than on reflection. Once you learn, you find math a lot less complicated, and are happier to teach others. There has never been a better time to look at ways to teach and learn math problems. The above are just five simple ways to consider using. Why not use all the tools you can from an algebra calculator to problem solvers; they may just prove crucial.