Algebra is an area of mathematics, which uses symbols to stand for numbers in equations and formulas. Knowing these symbols and how they work together and present structure to the equations allows maths to write formulas more efficiently and solve mathematical problems.

Algebra is usually divided into 2 parts: abstract and elementary algebra. Abstract algebra includes the study of algebraic structures like vector spaces and groups. And elementary algebra comprises the basic symbols of algebra and equations taught in elementary school. More details!

Algebra Courses and Programs Online

Many sites offer introductory and advanced algebra courses. Start solving equations and learn basic concepts of algebraic expression with the free online course of SchoolYourself. The algebra course at your own pace will teach you how to work with integers, fractions, and decimals, how to solve simple and multivariable equations and inequalities with online questionnaires as well as algebra worksheets.

Algebra is very important for high school and college mathematics curricula and this can serve as a pre-algebra course. Working through these algebra problems will prepare you well for future math studies.

For a more advanced algebra program, take into account the University Algebra and Problem Solving course at ASU. This self-taught course uses the ALEKS learning method that helps adapt the learning knowledge to the needs and personalized pace of the students. Learn to apply algebra to a wide range of real-world problems and study critical algebraic concepts like functions, domains, and ranges. This course can help you prepare for calculus and other math courses as well. Click here for more information:

What Types of Jobs Use Algebra?

Algebra is a practical skill that is applicable to various types of professions in today’s economy when solving equations. It may surprise you the number of jobs and occupations that need practical knowledge of algebra to finish the day-to-day requirements. Below are some examples of professions that need algebra skills.

Business professionals who use algebra daily would be accountants. You should be able to balance spreadsheets, forecast costs and create expense reports for your company and equipment as an accountant.  Medical professionals also need to understand algebra to administer medications, detect irregularities in patterns, and fill prescriptions and more for their patients.

In addition, fitness instructors demonstrate the right exercise techniques for their clients. A working level of algebra helps fitness instructors calculate the ideal workout for their clients. Accuracy and algebra calculator are essential for architecture professionals to get the right details. As a civil engineer, you must also understand algebra in order to calculate how much weight a bridge or road can support when considering vehicle stress.

Why Take Algebra Courses Online?

Algebra is a useful skill for many special professionals in their line of work. Taking algebra courses online allows you to select the correct course that best suits your needs. You may want a refresher course to review your skills. You may be looking for more advanced algebra classes when you are going to become an architect and need to practice advanced algebra techniques. Regardless of where you fall, many sites offer a wide range of online algebra courses designed to fit your busy schedule.

Famous Minds in Algebra

The history of algebra has had a lot of famous and significant minds over time. The advance and expansion of algebraic methods and the techniques of solving equations have continued to evolve the field of algebra over the years. The beauty of algebra is that it overcomes language barriers between English, Spanish, French and many other academics around the world. Some of the most notable members of discovered algebra include Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Arthur Cayley, Evariste Galois, and Carl Friedrich Gauss.